Our Most Fequently Asked Questions:


Q . What areas in Arizona does Care-Free Termite Protection, LLC provide?

A. If you have a problem with Tempe termites, or having issues with Scottsdale pest, no matter where you are, in or around the Phoenix and Greater Phoenix area Care-Free Termite Protection, LLC provides professional residential and commercial services dealing with your Arizona pest.

Q . Does Care-Free Termite Protection, LLC only provide termite services??

A. Specializing in not only professional termite inspections, protection, treatment, termite infestations, and extermination but also pest control.

Q .What is the difference between Drill and Foam treatments and what treatment does Care-Free Termite Protection, LLC use?

A. Our  treatments are full drill treatments which mean you can get more chemical into the ground where the termites live. Instead of the foam treatments where termites get into the wall before getting into the chemical. Foam treatments give you less chemical and do not last as long as the full drill treatment.

Q. How much will Termite Control, Termite Protection and/ or Pest Control cost?

A. Termite Control, Termite Protection and/ or Pest Control price is determined by building size and location. We need to inspect your property for proper quote. Free Inspection for non-resale properties is always provided.

Q. Does Care-Free Termite Protection, LLC use en vir omen tally friendly products?

A. We provide the highest quality, safe and effective methods, products, and chemicals (some which are not only plant based, but pet friendly), protecting both residential and commercial properties.

Q. When will Care-Free Termite Protection, LLC schedule my appointment?

A. We will work within a time frame that will not disrupt your business or home life, no matter what your hours are. We request a two hour window and stipulation between A.M. and P.M.

Q. What is Care-Free Termite Protection, LLC Cancellation and Refund Policy?

A. Upon services rendered, we provide no refund or cancellation. Payment of services implies that client agrees to terms and conditions of the cancellation and refund policy.

Q. Does Care-Free Termite Protection, LLC have a warranty?

A. Yes! Our termite treatments come with warranties! (Extended warranties available)

Q. What is Care-Free Termite Protection, LLC Customer Service number?

A. Our Customer Service number is: 480.513.0313
Customer Service email: Contact@CareFreeTermite.com

Q. Does Care-Free Termite Protection, LLC have a Privacy Policy?

A. Yes. Protecting your private information is our priority!
Please visit our Privacy Policy page.

Q. Is Care-Free Termite Protection, LLC a member of the Better Business Bureau?

A. Yes. Check out our BBB rating! And... we are also PROUD MEMBERS of LOCAL FIRST ARIZONA!

Care Free Termite Protection, LLC BBB Business Review

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Local First Arizona

Care-Free Termite Protection, LLCThorough Arizona termite inspections and treatments with warranties for your home or business.
Care-Free Termite Protection, LLCDo you need a Phoenix area Termite Exterminator, Scottsdale Pest Control, or Treatment for a re-sale?
Care-Free Termite Protection, LLCAll WDIIR’s (Wood-Destroying Insect Inspection Reports) are completed daily and sent to the real estate agent and the title company
Care-Free Termite Protection, LLCHandling the closing? We will not hold up your closing!
Care-Free Termite Protection, LLCWe are Prompt, Honest & Dependable!
Care-Free Termite Protection, LLCWe have lock box keys!
Care-Free Termite Protection, LLCTreatments with warranties! (Extended warranties available)
Care-Free Termite Protection, LLCLicensed & Insured!
Care-Free Termite Protection, LLC We use Termidor™ and Premise®, the most advanced & effective chemicals on the market!

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